5 Signs Food is Affecting Your Mood & Simple Solutions to Fix It

Okay, so today I want to talk to you about how FOOD can affect your mood.

Yes, it’s true. 

No, I’m not saying food is the only answer or the end all be all answer.

But if you haven’t fully committed to shifting your the way you eat and you’re looking to boost your mood or energy, then you’ll definitely want to continue reading.

You see, I’ve struggled with stress, anxiety, and fatigue most of my adult life, or I guess I could say since I became a mom. I mean, I basically accepted the fact that this is just how it is when you’re a young, busy mom - ya know, #momlife. 

But since diving into the health and wellness world, I’ve discovered so much about how FOOD is FUEL and MEDICINE. Seriously, every single day I continue to learn about amazing ways to use food to help myself and you FEEL better.

It’s funny because before I really got into learning about nutrition, I didn’t even realize how terrible I felt eating the Standard American Diet that I grew up on. I was so used to feeling the way that I did that I didn’t really know any different. 

Now that I am much more in tune with my body and how it feels, I choose to eat foods that actually make me feel good AND energized.

5 Day Plant-Based Summer Meal Plan - Week 2

I’m starting this Plant-Based Meal Plan series to share with you how I plan for the week and what a typical plant-based diet looks like for my family. I hope to inspire you to meal plan, prep, and simplify healthy eating for your whole family.


Before beginning, read these detailed blog posts:

Answering The What & Why of a Plant-Based Diet

A Simple Process to Meal Plan with Your iPhone in just 15 minutes or less

The Ultimate Guide to Food Prep for a Plant-Based Diet



For me, I usually batch cook all at once on Sunday or Monday morning. If you don’t like the idea of spending a couple hours in the kitchen batching all at once, then you must learn to multitask in the kitchen a few times throughout the week. If you’re cooking a meal I suggest doubling the recipe, chopping veggies while it cooks, or making a batch of rice, beans, or legumes to store in the fridge. Do as much as you can to store prepped food for convenience later.

5 Day Plant-Based Summer Meal Plan - Week 1

I’m starting this Plant-Based Meal Plan series to share with you how I plan for the week and what a typical plant-based diet looks like for my family. I hope to inspire you to meal plan, prep, and simplify healthy eating for your whole family.


Before beginning, read these detailed blog posts:

Answering The What & Why of a Plant-Based Diet

A Simple Process to Meal Plan with Your iPhone in just 15 minutes or less

The Ultimate Guide to Food Prep for a Plant-Based Diet



For me, I usually batch cook all at once on Sunday or Monday morning. If you don’t like the idea of spending a couple hours in the kitchen batching all at once, then you must learn to multitask in the kitchen a few times throughout the week. If you’re cooking a meal I suggest doubling the recipe, chopping veggies while it cooks, or making a batch of rice, beans, or legumes to store in the fridge. Do as much as you can to store prepped food for convenience later.

How a Plant-Based Diet Can Transform Your Relationship to Food

Have you ever felt like you love AND hate food?

Like, you love it so much that you hate it because you feel so out of control when it comes to what you are putting in your body?

You love sweets and salty foods, decadent and delicious foods, and it seems like no matter what you do you’re surrounded by temptation ALL of the time.

In today’s world it can be SO hard to eat healthy and actually enjoy it.

But let me tell you, it’s TOTALLY possible and can even be easy and fun.

You see, I’ve struggled with my relationship to food since I was a teenager.

I used it for comfort, numbing or a way to have some control.

When I felt stressed, anxious, or  overwhelmed I would eat chips, cookies, and fast food.

When I was feeling hurt, sad, or mad I would use food as a way to avoid dealing with my feelings or the current circumstances.

When I felt like my body was no longer it’s normal “slim and slender” self and it no longer matched the image society and media glamorize, I used food as a way to feel like I had control over my body. I’d restrict or deprive myself, and then binge and allow, and went on to repeat this cycle again and again.

I spent years living this way with very little awareness of it.

I tried diet after diet, cleanse after cleanse, and even tried a few diet pills.

The thing is, I was never overweight and I’m not really sure why I became so obsessed with losing weight, but I know this is a struggle that so many women continue to battle.

3 Smoothie Recipes that Will Keep You Full & Energized for Hours

As a busy mom trying to get out the door in the morning can be quite the task. It’s so easy to forget to eat a healthy breakfast or to just grab something quick and easy on your way to work that may not be the healthiest. So many of my clients struggle with making time for breakfast and finding something delicious that also leaves them feeling full and satisfied until lunch time.

This is when I offer them my go-to smoothie recipes for the busy mama who really has no desire to cook or eat breakfast, but knows she could really benefit from the energy from it.

These smoothies will save you so much time and help you reach your health, energy, or weight loss goals effortlessly. Oh, and they taste AMAZING, so there’s that!

5 Reasons You May Need A Mind-Body Reset

In today’s world, we are bombarded by toxic chemicals. They easily find their way into our body through the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink. We also ingest foreign chemicals when taking medicinal or illicit drugs, or when using alcohol or tobacco.

Although the body is designed to be self-cleaning and to excrete these toxins, it cannot always handle the overload present in today’s environment. Chemicals not excreted accumulate in our fat cells and cell membranes become internal toxins.

When the body is under stress, it releases those toxic waste products from the fat to circulate in the bloodstream. These toxins can damage the protective intestinal lining, literally corroding the body from the inside out; making it a less effective filter for the good nutrients we might be bringing in. The more it is damaged, the less effectively it absorbs nutrients, and the more toxins pass into the blood and lymph systems. This is why elimination is so important. It is crucial to eliminate toxins from the body to avoid toxic overload.

This is why I have many of my clients participate in my Mind-Body Reset Program. This program is specifically designed to help you discover which foods work best for your body, rid your body of toxic chemicals, and fill your body with an abundance of nutrients & minerals. This program also focuses on self-care practices to truly nourish your mind.

10 Common Weight-Loss Mistakes & What to Do Instead

I don’t talk too much about weight-loss on this blog, because I really want to focus on so much more. I want to transform your relationship around food and your body so that eating is fun again and you feel confident in your own skin. I want you to have energy and clear skin like you’ve never known was even possible. I want you to live your best life and thrive well into your 90s.

So yeah, to me, it can sometimes feel like weight loss is just about vanity and it’s something that we’re pressured to focus on because of constant media message and society. But at the same time, weight loss can be a path to get you towards living your most authentic, vibrant, and energetic life so I’m not here to shame or discourage you for wanting to shed a few pounds.

If you’ve been trying for a while to lose weight for a while or you have suddenly plateaued on your journey, here a few tips to push start losing weight again.

How Busy Moms Can Be More Consistent with Healthy Eating

One of my biggest struggles and the reason most of my clients come to me is lack of consistency.  We all know that we should be drinking more water, exercising daily, and eating our fruits and veggies, but we just don’t do it. At least, not consistently.

A lot of us are used to the diet-binge cycle where we are constantly going on a restrictive diet only to fall off the wagon and dive back into the potato chips. We continue to repeat this cycle and we just don’t understand why we can’t be consistent with it!

And it’s absolutely NOT because you’re lazy, uncommitted or lack willpower.

It has taken me YEARS to learn how to be consistent with healthy eating. And let me tell you, once you can eat well consistently it makes everything else easier and reaching your goal becomes inevitable.

Ok, here we go…

10 Tips for Overwhelmed Moms to Cope Better With Anxiety

10 Tips for Overwhelmed Moms to Cope Better With Anxiety

Ever feel light headed, sick to your stomach, chest tightened and like you might just pass out or die?

Or have irrational fears like you’re kids going to die in their sleep or you might drive off the road and crash?

I’m assuming if you are reading this then you most likely have experienced some or all of those feelings or thoughts and perhaps, you are quite close friends with anxiety. I know, I am.

I’ve struggled with anxiety for my entire life and while there can be a lot of shame or hesitation to talk about it in today’s world, I am quite comfortable being open and honest about my struggle.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve learned that there are so many people that actually struggle with anxiety that I would have never expected. These people often seem extremely outgoing, confident, and like they really have their shit together, but once I really get to know them I realize we are more alike than I could have ever imagined. I find that it can be so comforting to share and connect with others about our struggles so we can feel a little less alone on this journey.

10 Inspiring Books & Documentaries to Jumpstart a Plant-based Diet

If you’ve been curious about eating a more plant-based diet or struggling to make the transition than my #1 best recommendation is to GET EDUCATED.

I don’t know about you, but I love learning. Like, I’m kind of obsessed. If I could get paid to go to school forever I probably would have!

Maybe you’re not that into learning (that’s totally fine!) but perhaps, you are really interested in this whole plant-based eating lifestyle and would just like to get inspired or become more informed and that’s great too.

I also love reading and continuing to learn more about the plant-based diet because it reminds me why I am choosing to eat this way and makes me that much more passionate and confident about it.

If you’re not really sure what I mean by a plant-based diet or why you should care, then you can click here and learn more.

Now if you’re super excited to read or listen to some books and watch some shocking documentaries then here are my absolute favorites!

10 Things I'm Obsessed With Friday

10 Things I'm Obsessed With Friday

Well, it’s been almost exactly 2 years since I wrote my first post like this and I’m embarrassed to say I had every intention of doing it monthly and well, it never happened! Sometimes life just gets the best of us, you know?

So, I’m back and I’m more than excited to continue this series. As I mentioned in my previous post, these have always been my favorite types of blog posts from other bloggers because you can find some really cool recommendations. And honestly, I just love sharing my obsession with the world because they make me happy and I want them to possibly do the same for you.

Basically I’ll be sharing with you my latest foodie, self-care, spiritual, health, wellness, and maybe a little random obsessions in hopes to inspire you to try them or just learn something new!

Here it goes!

10 Things I'm Obsessed With Friday

  1. A book I’m currently loving is The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra. I’ve read it in the past, but kind of forgot about it. It’s basically a guide to live your best life and manifest all of your dreams.  I highly recommend you check it out if you haven’t yet!

3 Mindset Shifts to Transform Your Relationship to Food & Your Body

I’ve spent most of my life struggling with my relationship to food and my body.

For years, I used food for comfort and to deal with stressful situations. It was a way to avoid my overwhelming feelings of not being good enough.

I always had a strong desire to lose weight and a belief that life would be so much better if I could reach my “ideal weight”.

In all honesty, I had never been overweight and was actually quite thin as a child, but I think I always had a distorted view of how my body looked compared to howI believed it should look.

I spent years trying all of the diets but I was never really able to stick with them long term which only fed my constant feelings of not being good enough.

How could I be good enough (or ever reach my lofty goals) if I couldn’t even manage to stick to a diet for more than just a few days and I couldn’t even lose an easy 10 pounds?

Looking back now, I can see how my mindset was completely off and my lack of confidence only got worse with each diet fail.

I’ve come to learn that there were many reasons outside of my control for why I had these beliefs and behaviors in the first place. I had definitely picked up on some thoughts and behaviors from many adult women in my life along with the intense pressure from the media and society to be thin and look a certain way.

So if you relate at all to struggling with your relationship to food or your body, please know it is not your fault. Also, please know that you can evolve and it all begins with changing your mindset.

So here are the three biggest mindset shifts I had to make in order to change my relationship to food and my body (and ultimately, to live a much healthier and happier life)

The Ultimate Guide to Food Prep for a Plant-Based Diet

Do you struggle with finding the time to provide healthy, nutritious meals to your family?

Have you tried meal prepping on Sundays only to waste a whole day cooking and end up throwing away half of the meals you prepped?

Well, if you feel like you’ve tried meal prepping and completely failed or if you’ve never even considered it, but you’re looking for an easy solution to get healthy meals on the table each night, then I have a secret to share with you!

The answer: Food Prepping, not Meal Prepping

The idea is simple. Instead of trying to make a bunch of meals for the week that you aren’t even sure you will want, you just prep a bunch of different food items that you can mix and match into meals. For example, you could make a large batch of rice, quinoa, or beans. You could roast some broccoli, carrots, and potatoes. You could make some dips and dressings. You could also chop a bunch of veggies. Then throughout the week you could make rice bowls, salad bowls, tacos, wraps, or soups.

How to Simplify the Process:

Get Organized - Before meal prepping, make sure you have a plan for the week. How many days are you going to be eating at home? What is your schedule going to be like? What food do you already have on hand? I always recommend looking at what you have already and what you need to use up before going grocery shopping. Once you make a list of what you have, then you will want to decide how you can use those ingredients and create a baseline from there. Check out my meal planning post for my tips & simple process!!

What exactly is a plant-based diet & Why You May Want to Consider It

I’ve been changing my diet over the past few years to be mostly plant-based and I’ve notice that a lot of people don’t exactly understand what a plant-based diet is or why it’s important to me. So I’m writing this post to hopefully inform you, clarify a few things, and maybe even inspire you to choose a more plant-based lifestyle.

So - What is a plant-based diet?

In simple terms and how I define a plant-based diet is a diet that is highly focused on eating whole plant foods and limiting processed foods.

Meal Planning Tips: A Simple Process to Meal Plan with Your iPhone in Just 15 minutes or Less

Meal Plan.png

I’m always surprised when I talk to people about meal planning, how many people really do not plan at all or have a really hard time sticking to their plan.

Over the years I’ve experimented with many different ways of meal planning. I’ve also had my fair share of times where I just wing it and do not plan at all.

As the kids get older and our schedules get busier, I find meal planning to be extremely important and beneficial. I’ve noticed that when I make time for meal planning, I save a whole lot of time and money and really, who doesn’t want to save time and money?

So, if you’re ready to get you sh*& together and start saving time and money while ALSO eating healthy, nourishing meals with ease then this post is for you!

My Best Tips for Meal Planning

  1. Take Stock of Your Kitchen - So this step is crucial. If you really want to save money, you must first take stalk of what you already have in your kitchen. Make lists of what you have in your fridge, freezer and pantry. Then brainstorm ideas of meals that you can make with the ingredients you already have. If you have a bunch of random vegetables that need to be cooked before they go bad you could make a veggie soup, veggie tacos or a stir fry. You can even google recipes with specific foods such as “pasta and broccoli recipe” or “vegetable casserole”.

  2. Check your Schedule & the Weather for Each Day - Now check your calendar for the week and notice which nights are going to be busier than others. If you have a night filled with sports or other activities, then maybe you could make a crockpot meal in the morning or instant pot dinner at night. If you get out of work early one day or have no plans at night then maybe that is the day you could make something a little more intensive or try a new recipe.

    Depending on the weather where you live, it may be helpful to take note of the weather to determine what you will feel like eating. I know on a hot 90 degree day, I will not want to eat a hot soup or chili, but a large salad would really hit the spot. On the other hand, if you notice it’s going to be raining and cold then you may opt to make something hot and comforting like soup or mac and cheese.

  3. Check Sales Flyers & Eat Seasonally - Another great way to really save money is to check your local sales flyers and choose fruits and vegetables that are in season. I really try to focus on eating seasonally and buying organic as much as possible so that’s usually how I choose what items I to buy. If you check your flyers after taking stock of your kitchen, you can really base your meal ideas on the items that are you already have and the ones that are on sale that week.

  4. Keep a collection of your favorite recipes - Create your own binder and fill it with all of your most loved family staple recipes. Each time you try a new recipe and your whole family loves it stick it in your binder. Then when it comes to meal planning you will have a stash of recipes that you know are easy and taste delicious. I also recommend organizing your binder with tabs of different sections such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, and then the type of meals such as soups, stews, chili, tacos, etc.

  5. Try one new recipe a week - I used to get caught up in wanting to try many different recipes each week. I’d get excited and put 4 new recipes in my meal plan for the week and then by the second recipe I would be feeling exhausted and not want to make it. It can really save you a lot of energy and time if you stick mostly to meals that you know how to make without a recipe or meals that you’ve made multiple times before. It’s best to only try one new recipe a week. If you aren’t one that likes to try new recipes I highly recommend incorporating this into your weekend routine. Make it a goal or challenge to try one new recipe a week. It can really add variety to your meals and keep you excited about cooking healthy meals.

  6. Choose 2 Simple Breakfast Ideas and Rotate Them (same with snacks) - This can be a real game changer. My 2 go-to breakfasts are smoothies and overnight oats. They are both so easy to make and you can make a big batch to keep in your fridge and have them ready to grab and go for the week. You could also make a large batch of scrambled eggs with veggies or some whole grain blueberry muffins. The trick is to only make 2 different breakfasts a week and just rotate them daily. This keeps breakfast simple and assures that you will start your day off right with a nutritious meal.

  7. Only plan for 4-5 nights - I have always naturally done this and it wasn’t until someone told me that they were always throwing out food and not making every item that they planned to make that I realized how helpful this tip could be. By only planning 4-5 nights a week instead of all 7 nights, you are leaving room for nights where you can simply eat leftovers or get take out. I don’t know about you but sometimes things come up or I have a really hard day and the last thing I feel like doing is cooking. These are the times when I’m happy I didn’t plan to cook something each night and I happily will order take out or eat some yummy leftovers.

Now that you’ve read my best tips for meal planning you are probably wondering what the best way to go about actually writing out your meal plan? I’m sure there are many ways you could do this. You could grab a notebook, an app or free printable online, but my favorite and easiest way to plan has been using the notes app on my iPhone.

I used to write it out in a notebook, but then I would forget to actually look at the notebook or even worse I’d forget my grocery list at home when I got to the store. I’ve also tried many different apps and just found that they were too slow or too complicated and actually would take me more time than it was worth.

Since I already use my notes app multiple times a day (anyone else obsessed with list making?!?) I started to do my meal planning on it  without thinking much about it. It’s really been a game changer in how I meal plan and actually stick to it.

How to Meal Plan Quickly with the Notes App on Your iPhone

  1. Make a list of the ingredients you already have in your kitchen

  2. List the Meals You Can Make with Ingredients You Already Have

  3. List Your 2 Breakfast choices - example: green smoothie and overnight oats or veggie scramble and toast with avocado

  4. Write out items you want to batch cook - this could include 1 large soup, salad, and maybe some grains or roasted veggies

  5. List each day of the week with breakfast, lunch, and dinner underneath

  6. Now rotate your two breakfast ideas under each day

  7. Fill in the lunches by rotating leftovers, salad or soup

  8. Fill in the meal ideas you have for each night (remember to take in consideration your schedule/weather/what’s on sale or in season) leaving at least one night for leftovers and one night for eating out

  9. Make a separate list of ingredients you need to buy to complete your meals

  10. Order groceries online to save time & money. *If you haven’t tried this yet, I highly recommend it, especially if you have kids and rather not take them in the store with you. You will spend so much less money because you aren’t tempted by everything you walk by and you can see your total as you add items so you can always remove items you don’t really need.

So what do you think? Are you excited to get meal planning & actually stick to it? Let me know if you try this or if you have any questions!!

How to Eat Healthy When You Have No Support

How to Eat Healthy When You Have No Support

It can be very difficult to transform the way we eat when everyone around us seems to be eating junk-food and not caring about the quality of the food they are putting into their bodies.

I’ve struggled for years letting other people’s opinions and actions dictate the way I ate. If my friends were going out for happy hour, then drinks & fried food it was! If my boyfriend and I were too tired to cook, then pizza it was! If I went to someone’s house and they were serving something unhealthy or that I didn’t like I ate it anyway.

I never wanted to draw attention to myself or be seen as “difficult” or “picky”. I also wanted to be easy going and able to have fun with friends without restricting what I ate or drank. No matter how crappy I felt or how badly I wanted to just eat a salad, I followed the crowd and was a people pleaser at best.

It finally came to a point where my health and energy levels HAD to be more important than what anyone else thought of me. I had to make a stand for myself and my health because no one else was going to do it for me. It definitely wasn’t easy at first and there were many moments of self-doubt, but I learned a lot along the way.

If you’ve been struggling to make the commitment to a healthier way of eating then I hope these tips can serve you well.

7 Quick and Easy Plant-Based Breakfast Ideas to Start Your Day Off Energized

Most of my clients struggle to come up with simple, healthy breakfast ideas.

I totally get it because I used to be the same way. Before I started eating mostly plant-based, I used to really love a big hearty breakfast such as eggs, bacon, toast and home fries, but I also realized this was not quite healthy or sustainable to eat everyday. I began to notice that when I started my day eating this way I would usually feel pretty sluggish a few hours later.

Now I love to start my day with lots of water, a coffee and a light breakfast. I really notice that I have so much more energy when I eat this way. Of course, there are also some days where I’ll eat a heavier breakfast or treat myself to some yummy waffles because well, #balance.

So if you’ve been struggling with your energy levels or simply want to find some quick and nourishing recipes to eat for breakfast each day then this list is for you.

100 Days Of A Whole Foods, Plant-Based Diet

Have you ever thought about trying a whole foods, plant-based diet?

I want to invite you to join me as I share my experience and transition to a whole foods, plant-based diet over the next 100 days.

Now, let’s rewind and start from the beginning so you can understand why I am doing this and why you may want to give it a try too!

My Journey Towards a Plant-Based Diet

About ten years ago, I read a book called Skinny Bitch. At the time, the only reason I was reading this book was to lose weight. It was right after having my first child and I desperately wanted to get back to my pre-baby weight. Now, if you’re familiar with Skinny Bitch at all then you know that they heavily promote a vegan diet. The book emphasizes all of the reasons you should eliminate processed food and animal products. I remember being totally convinced after reading this book and ready to completely overhaul my diet. I think the inspiration and excitement lasted for about a day after finishing the book and then I continued on with my “ normal”eating habits. Back then, it truly seemed impossible and only for “extreme”  people. I was definitely not ready for the information or a transformation at that time.

A few years later, I came across another book, The Beauty Detox Solution. Once again, I was faced with a lot of scientific research and evidence showing that a whole foods, plant-based diet was beneficial for weight loss, beauty, and overall health. Since this information wasn’t completely new and it was more of a reminder, I was definitely more open to it and ready to implement some of the tips. I never went completely plant-based or vegan, but I started eating a lot less meat and started incorporating more greens and vegetables into my diet.

Fast forward a few more years, which brings us to about 2013, my sister went completely plant-based vegan. She had been vegetarian her whole life, but she didn’t exactly like vegetables or most healthy foods. Prior to becoming vegan, her diet had been primarily based on pizza, mac and cheese, and french fries. It was shocking to me that she was suddenly eating beans, salad, quinoa, and... lentils?! The fact that my sister was able to completely change the way she ate was definitely fascinating and encouraging to me.

5 Reasons You're Failing at Losing the Baby Weight

CONFESSION: After my first child, my baby weight basically fell off (side note: she was born 2 months, but I had already gained about 35 pounds). My second child was full term and I gained about 55 pounds (yikes!). I lost about 25 pounds right away and thought to myself, “Oh, this will be easy...” Boy, was I wrong. It may not be fair (or accurate) to say, but it’s now 5 years later and I think I’m still holding on to some of that baby weight.

You see, after my second child I tried #allthethings to lose the baby weight.

I breastfed for 18 months - breastfeeding makes the weight fall off doesn’t it? It can help, but not always.

I counted calories.

I obsessed over the scale.

I drank a lot of coffee and didn’t eat a lot (this was also because I was extremely sleep deprived, as we all are with a new baby).

I tried a juice cleanse, a little exercising, and just about every diet I could try.

And you know what happened?

Not a whole lot. I maybe lost 5 or 10 pounds only to quickly gain them back.

I started not caring how I dressed, because I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin or the clothes I was wearing.

I avoided going out or dressing up at all costs.

I wore oversized sweaters and yoga pants became a staple (let’s be real, they still are!).

I hated shopping for clothes, something I used to love, and I avoided mirrors as much as possible.

And the crazy part about all of this, I was really only 10-15 pounds heavier than my pre-baby weight. And my body just friggen gave birth to a human!!

It’s crazy how magical our bodies are and yet, as women we have very little appreciation for it after childbirth.

I hear from clients all of the time, “I just need to lose this baby weight.” or “If only I could wear my favorite pre-baby jeans again….” or “I can’t stand my post-baby body”.

But the thing is we are not going to get anywhere HATING our bodies. This quite often is the exact reason we end up overeating, binging, or emotional eating. And that’s not what we want is it?

10 Daily Steps to Less Stress for Busy Moms

10 Daily Steps to Less Stress for Busy Moms

As an entrepreneur with a side job, 2 kids, a dog, and a household to care for life can be overwhelming and stressful.

I used to have the belief that when I was stressed it was a good sign because it meant that I was busy and I would performed better with the added pressure. I also didn't believe there was a whole lot you could do about it. 

After many years of stress and struggle and a whole lot of research, I finally learned the importance of managing stress and I've created healthy habits that help me stay calm.

The truth is while some stress can be beneficial, stress can also be extremely detrimental to your health.

Did you know that studies have linked stress to:

  • increased appetite

  • higher risk of heart disease and related death

  • pre-existing conditions get worse

  • higher chance of picking up unhealthy habits (such as smoking, drinking, binge eating, ect.)

  • higher chance of fat around the abdomen

  • weakened immune system

  • and some studies even show a link between stress and cancer

Pretty crazy, right?