Want To Be A More Intentional Mother? 13 Resources to Read, Watch, & Listen To To Get Inspired

If you read my post on My Quest for Minimalism & Living a More Intentional Life, then you'll understand why I am writing this post. 

Being a Mother, business owner, partner, and women can be overwhelming at times. The best thing I have done to help with my feelings of overwhelm and anxiety is diving into resources that help me to remember what is really important and how to make the most out of this one precious life. 

These are the books, documentary, and podcast that have informed & inspired me on this journey towards living with more intention. I suggest picking one that resonates with you the most and just get started!


The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightment by Eckhart Tolle | This book is one of the most impactful books I've ever read. It has really helped me to shift my mindset and focus on the present moment as often as possible. If you would like to stress and worry less, then I highly recommend picking up this book. Although this is under "read" I also highly suggest listening to the audible book.

Present Over Perfect: Leaving Behind Frantic for a Simpler, More Soulful Way of Living - By Shauna NiequistIf you are sick of hustling, striving for perfection, and find your self-worth through achievement then you will definitely want to pick up this book. Shauna tells the story of her constant struggle for striving for perfection and achievement and how she started  to transform her life to live more in the present with intention.

Chasing Slow: Courage to Journey Off the Beaten Path - by Erin Loechner | This is another book about constantly striving for more until you reach your final destination and still feel extremely lost and full of question. This book will help you to reevaluate your priorities and learn to focus on what matters most.

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less - by Greg McKeown | If you are interested in simplifying all areas of your life and want to take a disciplined approach then this is the go to book. This is especially an amazing book for entrepreneurs who are feeling overwhelmed or unsatisfied. 

How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind - by Dana K. White | This book is great if you've ever struggled with keeping a clean and organized home. She takes a very practical and simple approach to decluttering and cleaning your house.

Hands Free Mama: A Guide to Putting Down the Phone, Burning the To-Do List, and Letting Go of Perfection to Grasp What Really Matters! | Tired of feeling guilty for always having your phone in your hand or not being in the present moment with your children? This book is for you, Mama!

Woman Code: Perfect Your Cycle, Amplify Your Fertility, Supercharge Your Sex Drive, and Become a Power Source by Alisa VittiYou are probably wondering "How is this book relevant to living intentionally?". Well, let me tell you, if you are a women with a cycle than this book may just help transform your life. Even if you don't struggle with any of the topics in the subtitle, Alisa Vitti teaches you how to sync up with your cycle to live a more intentional life. This book will teach you what foods to eat, how to move your body, and the best activities to focus on that align with what part of your cycle you are in. It is truly life changing.



Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things | This is a great documentary to get started with if you are wondering if you want to pursue minimalism. It shows how many different people are living with less to enjoy their lives more.



The Purposeful Home Podcast | If you want to create a purposeful home by decluttering, living intentionally, and increasing your productivity you will love this podcast! This is hosted by two christian, minimalist mothers and listening to them is like hanging out with two of your best friends.

Simple Families Podcast | This podcast is great if you have specific questions around topics such as best toys, getting kids to eat their vegetables, decluttering, child behavior + child development, and aspiring towards a "less is more" way of life. It is a Q&A style podcast and you can browse the titles to see which questions you have and are interested in listening to.

The Minimalists Podcast | If you really want to focus on minimalism and how to incorporate it into all areas of your life then this is the podcast to begin with!

On Being Podcast | If you're a seeker of meaning and understanding the world then this podcast will help you do just that.

The Jess Lively Show Podcast | This podcast is definitely one of my favorites and it was one of the first podcasts that really inspired me to live with intention. Most recently, Jess is traveling the world while talking about all things consciousness, law of attraction, and quantum mechanics. If you want to learn to live with intention & flow (instead of force), than you will definitely love this podcast.

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TELL ME - Have you read, watched, or listened to any of these? Which are your favorites? Do any resonate with you that you want to dive into?