Mindful Eating: 5 Simple Steps to Being Present While You Eat


Ever eat a whole bag of chips only to reach the crumbs and not remember actually eating all of those chips?

Or… you eat so fast that you don’t really taste your food and then you’re hungry shortly after?

This may sound all too familiar, especially if you’re a chronic dieter.

In today’s society, we are so used to multitasking, eating while we work, checking our phones and simply not enjoying the present moment.

We’re often obsessed over the next diet we’re going start or feeling guilt or shame for the food we are eating.

We numb out and try to avoid any feelings by stuffing ourselves with food and missing out on the pleasure aspect that is actually meant to come from food.

But, if we could just pause and truly be present for a moment… what do you think would happen?

Well, Perhaps...

We might actually know exactly what our body is craving.

We might actually notice the scent, texture, and flavor of the food we are eating.

We might actually enjoy the food we are eating.

We might actually feel satisfied and lose interest in whatever we’re eating.

We might even naturally choose healthier foods over the highly processed foods we’re used to.

If you want to stop the diet-binge cycle, stop obsessing over food and start eating intuitively, then you first must start eating in the present moment.

It’s important to acknowledge, we are only ever guaranteed the present moment.

We can’t let the past (constant dieting) or the future (reaching an unrealistic “ideal” weight), dictate how we eat in the present moment.

We can’t let the busyness and stress of life control us in our pursuit of transforming our relationship to food or our body.

It’s time to take back what is already ours and already within reach.

5 Simple Steps to Being Present While You Eat

  1. Sit down at a table. A simple concept, but often forgotten. It's all to easy to eat standing up, in the car while driving, or sitting down on the couch binge-watching Netflix. It's time to bring back the sacred time of eating at the table. 

  2. Put away your cell phone (or computer/television/etc). Try to focus on your food and what you're eating instead of scrolling through Facebook, checking e-mails, or texting your friends. It's hard to be present in the moment when we're attached to this little device beeping for our attention. 

  3. Notice your senses. Sensual eating is the key to being present while you eat. Start paying attention to what your food looks like, feels like, how it tastes, and smells.

  4. Breathe between bites. As simple as it seems, if you really pay attention to how people eat you will notice that people often eat so fast and barely breathe between bites. Start practicing putting your fork down and actually taking a good deep breath between each bite. This will help you be more present and slow down your eating.

  5. Connect with your body. Pay attention to how your body feels physically. While you are eating take time to pause and check in with yourself to notice if you are actually hungry or satisfied. Do you still feel hungry or are you simply continuing to eat because it tastes good or as a form of comfort?


Once you start implementing these tips, you will begin to notice the subtle shifts that will take place. You may eat less, enjoy your food more, and feel more energized. If you give it a try I’d love to hear how it goes in the comments below!

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