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10 Signs You're An Emotional Eater

10 Signs You're An Emotional Eater

It's important to point out: We all eat emotionally. 

Humans are emotional beings and it would be impossible to never eat emotionally.

Emotional eating is not always a bad thing and in fact, I tend to believe it's actually a good thing.

When we eat emotionally, it is usually a sign that something in our life is either missing or needs some attention. People often use food as coping mechanism for dealing with life's challenges which isn't always the best, but it definitely could be worse.

Although everyone may eat emotionally at times, there are also the people who eat emotionally most of the time. I used to fall in this category until I became aware that I was actually eating emotionally. Once I was aware of how I was eating, I began using some strategies and techniques I had learned to start eating more mindfully and intuitively

So, do you think you are mostly an emotional eater? Here are 10 signs you're an emotional eater:

5 Tips to Stop Overeating

5 Tips to Stop Overeating

Do you ever feel like when you finally start to eat healthy you tend to overeat?

You justify in your head that since you are eating so healthy you can eat however much you want.

Then even though you are eating so healthy you still are left feeling droggy and not as energetic as you’d like.

I know the feeling. Every time I would try to stick to a plant-based diet, I would load up on the rice and pasta and wonder why I was never losing weight and didn’t have the energy I’d expected.

The truth is, just because you are eating healthy doesn’t mean you should be binge eating or eating until you are so full.

So how do you put it end to overeating especially when you feel like you have no control once you start eating and you just can’t stop when it tastes so good?