How to Use Essential Oils for Relaxation

How to Use Essential Oils for Relaxation

Regardless of your lifestyle, family size, employment status it seems that in today’s world the majority of us are stressed and moving from one task to the other as quickly as possible. We feel like there is so much to be done but so little time.

Being in this constant state of go, go, go puts the body and brain in overdrive. This makes it very hard to shut off your brain at the end of the day when you want to unwind and relax. I remember a time when I thought having a bath would be relaxing but then thought, “I just don’t have time to do that”. Clearly this is an unhealthy mindset as self-care is so important. However with the hustle and bustle of daily life, many of us struggle to remember to put ourselves first.

I Needed to Make a Change

When I was introduced to essential oils in 2014 I was quite skeptical thinking, “why would people waste money on these oils?!?” However as I began to use essential oils for respiratory support, relaxation, uplifting mood, relieving occasional/minor pain and as a digestive aid it was clear to me that essential oils really did help my body. Now I am an avid essential oil user and they are a large part of my daily routine. One of the main ways I use essential oils is to help me relax, unwind, and clear my head at the end of a hectic day.