The Magical Plate: A Guide to Balanced Meals

“What’s for dinner tonight?” can become a question you dread to answer each night when you first start trying to eat healthy and you’re not quite sure what to put on your plate.

I created this simple guide to eating a balanced meal that will make you excited to create your “Magic Plate” for each meal.

The Magic Plate consists of ⅓ green vegetables, ⅓ high quality protein, ⅓ nutrient dense starchy vegetable or grain, and 1-3 tbsp of high quality fat. 

This gives you an easy frame work to develop healthy, balanced meals each day that will give you energy and help stabilize your blood sugar. 

Important tips to remember when creating your magic plate:

Be Flexible: Allow the template to shift and change according to your body wisdom.

Animal Protein: If you choose animal protein, measure it with the palm of your hand.

Eat Until Satisfied: Take your time while eating and only eat until you are 80% full.

Eat More, Not Less: Focus on adding more nutritious and nourishing foods to your diet as opposed to being too restrictive or eating too little.  

High Quality Food vs. Low Quality Food: Try to eat organic as often as you can and choose the least amount of processed food as possible.

Be creative & Mix it up: Keep things interesting and try different combinations of foods. Instead of sticking to spinach for your greens each night, try kale, arugula or romaine for a change. The same goes for the grains, protein, fats, and vegetables - try new things and keep your meals interesting. 


3 Simple Tips for Finding High Quality Foods in Grocery Store:

  1. Primarily shop the outside perimeters of the grocery store

  2. Look at the ingredient list and aim for the least amount of chemicals as possible (preferably 5 or less)

  3. Buy organic (at least for the dirty dozen) and non-gmo


The Magic Plate: A Guide to Balance Meals