How Prioritizing Your Self-Care Will Make You a Better Mama



As a mom, it can be a real struggle to do something for yourself.

We are usually running on very little sleep while trying to remember and do all the things to keep our little ones alive each day.

Due to personal insecurities, feelings of obligation and/or societal pressures, we can often feel guilty for wanting to do something for ourselves that doesn’t involve our children.

I spent years feeling guilty any time I had a babysitter or simply didn’t have a kid attached to hip. When I started to focus on my health and wellness, I began to realize that devoting my whole self to my kids was not only affecting my mental and physical health, but it really wasn’t benefiting anyone.

It’s important for our overall health to have some “me” time to nourish our mind, body, and soul. We are not mommy robots that can go on autopilot for all hours every single day. If we don’t start prioritizing our self-care we are likely going to reach a breaking point (aka serious mental breakdown).

If you still need convincing think of it this way, when you are on an airplane the flight attendants instruct all parents to put their oxygen mask on first before putting on their child’s, and that’s for good reason. We need to take care of ourselves in order to better take care of our children.

Now, I’m not saying you need to have weekly spa dates or do anything too extravagant (although if you want to then by all means, please do that). It doesn’t have to take a lot of time or be too complicated to truly take care of yourself.

It’s necessary to find simple things that truly make you happy, and start making them a priority in your life. Whether it’s reading one chapter of a murder mystery novel every night, having a little jam session in your bedroom or taking a 10 minute nature walk, if it makes you smile and is reasonable to add into your life then start to pencil it into your busy schedule.

We all have time for important things that we don’t necessarily think we have time for. Think about how much time you spend scrolling on facebook, binge watching netflix or checking your e-mail. If those activities truly nourish your mind and body then keep doing that, but if not, start replacing them with things that truly make you happy.

When we prioritize our self-care and actually do things to make ourselves happy in a way that’s not attached to being a mother, we can really honor our true selves and feel more at peace. This will allow us to be more patient, happier and more present when we are with our children. We will be more in tune with our children’s needs and able to take care of them in a much more loving way.

Our children are everything to us, but they do not have to define us. We can still be living, breathing human beings that have additional needs and desires that we want to pursue. I say, don’t wait another 18+ years to start taking care of yourself and do things that truly light you up now (even if it’s only in a small way).

Now, plan to do something for yourself TODAY, even if it's something simple, and share in the comments below!!


How Prioritizing Your Self-Care Will Make You A Better Mama