For mothers & moms-to-be ready to ditch the diets, reclaim your energy, & fall in love with your Life.

There is a magic solution to finally eating those vegetables, taking that yoga class, looking and feeling great while still being the mother your children need you to be. 

The truth is it's actually quite simple and it's 100% in your power to make these changes. 

With the perfect mixture of energizing & flavorful foods, a meditation practice, and daily self-care you will begin to see that anything is possible. 

Let's get real . . . If you look at your life right now, are you feeling the way you want to feel and doing the things you want to be doing? 

You have the family, the kids, the decent job, the great house, but still, you feel unfulfilled and like something isn't quite right.

You're exhausted and guilt ridden from snapping at the kids or rushing through each day to get it all done. 

Your stress levels are sky high, yet your health and wellness is a last priority.

You've tried all the diets, dabbled in meditation, and exercised on occasion, but just can't seem to stick with it. 

You lack time and energy, and doing things for yourself?? HA - that seems like a lifetime ago!

If you get honest with yourself, you know you're not living up to your potential and you lack the direction you need to truly make a change.

Mama, I get it! I was in your shoes not too long ago and trust me when I say, if I can do it, so can YOU! 

Hi, I'm Kati. I'm a transformational wellness coach and I love helping moms transform their relationship to food and their bodies by creating lasting healthy habits in a way that's fun and exciting. 

But before I got to where I am now, I had to struggle for years.


First, I have to be honest and say I've never been over weight in my life, but that doesn't mean I haven't struggled with food and body image issues.  Also, the fact that obesity, cancer, and heart disease runs in my family made me highly aware of the importance of health. Once I had my children, I became even more aware since I wanted to raise them to be as healthy as possible. I got obsessed with learning everything I could about health and wellness. I read all the books, magazines, blogs and I knew a lot. But let me tell you, figuring out what to believe and what not to believe was a challenge. No wonder people struggle so much! I tried all the fad diets and  latest trends, but could never make actual lasting healthy habits. Because I worked stressful jobs, often took college classes part-time while also being a mom, I struggled with finding the time to prioritize my health and my families'. I also battled with emotional eating for years before I even knew it was a thing. I would turn to food when I was excited, sad, tired, anxious, or mad. Food become my source of comfort and happiness in my life. I had terrible skin, no energy, and couldn't lose those dreaded last 10 pounds of baby weight.

But slowly, things started to change. I was introduced to a plant-based lifestyle which sparked a new light in me and actually got me in the kitchen to make real whole foods. I began to realize healthy food didn't have to be bland or boring. I still had a hard time with being consistent, but little by little I knew I was heading in the right direction. 

The real shift began after my father nearly died of a heart attack (where his heart literally stopped for 45 minutes on the way to the hospital). To say this was a wake up call would be a huge understatement. I was able to physically experience the connection of health and vitality. Health was once again my main focus and it was apparent to me that I wanted to help other people get healthy so they could live a happy, LONG life.

So I officially took action. I enrolled in my holistic health coaching course, took more college classes, and began creating the life I wanted to live. The other lesson I had learned from my father's health scare was that life is way too short and we are never guaranteed tomorrow. So why the hell wouldn't you follow your dreams and do what makes you happy?


In the last year I have:

<< Quit my day job

<< Started going to school full-time for health science and holistic and integrative health

<< Stopped obsessing over the food I was putting in my mouth

<< I no longer feel the need to use food for comfort

<< I started cooking more and more healthy home-cooked meals

<< I've meditated daily

<< I started building my business

<< I'm coaching clients that are actually having great results!

<< I get to spend WAY more time with both of my kids than I ever did before AND they even noticed how much happier I am which has mad them even happier (and way more behaved). 

<< I get to play with my puppy and take him for walks so she's not trapped in the house all day

<< I feel a sense of freedom with food, my body and my life that I never even knew was possible!

I figured out what I needed to do in order to transform my life and I took inspired action daily. 

Now, you don't have to quit your job or do any of the things I've done, but you do need to uncover what is holding you back and figure out a way to approach life differently. You're a mom, so I know you are capable and you are most definitely DESERVING. You deserve to feel like yourself again. You deserve to put yourself first so you can put your best self forward while you take care of everyone else. You deserve to feel energized and excited about your life. You deserve to be YOU and of course, that includes looking great and feeling confident. 

If you're tired of making excuses and ready to fully commit to yourself than you are in the right place.

In the next 90 days, your  life is about to transform in the most exciting and fun way possible. 


Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • Uncover what’s been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from having the body, health and life you want

  • Develop a powerful vision for your Total Transformation, and what it will mean for your health and for your life

  • Discover which foods and lifestyle habits are bringing your body down...and what to do about it

  • Get crystal clear on a step-by-step plan to create a Total Transformation in just 90 days

The program will consist of a 45 minute call with me each week for 12 weeks with unlimited e-mail support, a ton of free visuals & resources.


Are you still debating if this program is right for you? This 90 day commitment for the total transformation is for you if:

You're a busy mom that values her health and her families 

You're mom that wants to be around (and thriving) to see your grandchildren grow up 

You're ready to have more energy and patience for your children and really be present when you are with them

You're a go-getter, over-achiever and ready to fully commit to yourself for once

You are exhausted, tired, and sick of using food for comfort

You have a secret dream or desire that you wish to pursue, but fear gets in your way

You want to feel and look DAMN good & stop hiding behind the Mom jeans

You're ready to wake up each morning feeling excited and happy 

If even one of these resonates with you, then look no further because this is the program for you. This is seriously LIFE CHANGING and I am so excited to share all of my knowledge with you. 


So are you ready to ditch the diets and the excuses, & create the live you truly desire? 




DISCLAIMER: This program works if you do the work, I can't do it for you and I can't guarantee you will get any specific results. Though I am representing this program in the most honest and truthful way possible, and the methods I teach have worked for me and my clients. Your results may vary due to bio-individuality, knowledge, dedication, implementation, ect. and therefore, I cannot and do not guarantee your success or ability to transform your life. However, if you show up and do the work, I will support you in every way possible to help you achieve your goals. It won't happen overnight, but I can give you the tools and strategies I've used to get there. You are responsible for the results you achieve.