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Back to Basics Bundle

This PDF provides you will the ultimate guide & resources to start eating healthy TODAY!

  • What to Eat: The High Quality Foods Cheat Sheet

  • How to Read Food Labels

  • What to Stock in Your Pantry, Fridge, & Freezer

  • Magic Snacks Cheat Sheet

  • How to Indulge Your Sweet Tooth

  • And much more!!

14 Day Mind-Body Eating Reset PDF

28 pages of beautifully designed, incredible content consisting of:

  • 14 Day Reset Cleanse Program broken down into 3 phases

  • What to eat & what not to eat lists

  • Sample daily schedule & checklist

  • Journal prompts

  • Sample meal plan

  • Strategies for coping with challenges during cleanse

  • Over 35 recipes including shakes, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert ideas

  • Cleanse enhancing activities to help you get the most from this reset

  • BONUS: Unlimited e-mail support for the 14 days while on the cleanse


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30 Days Healthy Eating Habits

Are you ready to stop feeling out of control around food & finally create healthy eating habits that Last?

In this course you’ll learn:

  • The exact methods I used to stop dieting and finally end emotional eating

  • How to eat foods that make you happy, without feeling guilty

  • How to feel confident, comfortable, and amazing in your body

  • How to feel energized, motivated, and nourished